Objectives Of NGO

Main Objectives Of AEEFWS NGO

  • To help and support Indian farmers.
  • To help Agriculture/Veterinary and allied science students by fellowships.
  • To help in the education of farmer’s child.
  • To make aware the non-farmer public about the conditions of Indian farmers.
  • To help the financially weak students from an agricultural background.

What do we do?

  • We will provide financial assistance to the family of the farmers who committed suicide.
  • We will help financially weaker students who cannot pay their fees for minimal education.
  • We will support and help farmers and the needy people during natural calamities.
  • We will be helping in the health crisis of needy people.
  • We will be providing funds and other possible resources during the pandemic.

Join US

Charity begins at home, but it shouldn’t stop there!
By joining us, you can be a part of this NGO and create a direct impact by helping the people who actually need your support!

As a member

Being a member, involve in the ideas to be given for various activities creating support and help to the farmers.

Get benefited to work with a team of higher authorities for noble cause and develop good connections.

As a volunteer

Help farmers through participating in various activities which are carried out by AEEFWS-NGO each year.

Support the needy students by engaging and donating directly to the kids that need your support the most.

Benefits of Membership

We welcome you to join us as a member.

Direct Benefit

  1. Free advice on Advance Agriculture and Govt. Schemes.
  2. Discounts on Products and Services at AEEFWS Centre.
  3. Support in Animal Husbandry and plantation.
  4. Participate in Contract Organic Farming.
  5. Participate in Cultural Events/Sports
  6. Guidance for Loans/Grants/Scholarship.
  7. Helping in Employment/Self Employment
  8. Awareness towards Health, Education and insurance


We wish to invite experts from various fields of Agriculture Research & Rural Development to Join as Project Consultant on project fee basis. Projects should be sustainable in nature and should benefit to our Members.


We welcome the Individuals / Organizations who wish to extend their resources and help the needy. Help can reach by many ways. We are reaching every village and all citizens of Rural India and therefore your contribution is straight to the beneficiary. Society will be thankful to our Donner. An NGO can avail income tax exemption Under Section 80G, 12A, 35AC and FCRA.

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