If you’d like to contribute to our NGO and create a direct impact by giving a hand to the families who actually need it, you can refer to the information below!

How to donate?

The AEEFWS program seeks to be a community and a national initiative, which means that it seeks to involve you. Many resources are required for smooth running and upliftment of our program and thus cannot be done alone. This humongous task can be completed only when you also join and share with us so that we all can work together and do something worthwhile for underprivileged people.

As the AEEFWS program grows, more people across the country will be able to join us. For any organization to grow and prosper monetary funds are required. As the program grows we hope that we will be able to benefit our rural society both directly and indirectly. We also believe that with this we will be able to improve the education standards of children and empower the women so that they also can have a chance at a better and comfortable life.

Why should you donate?

Committing Suicides

Remember the slogan, “Jai Jawan Jai Kisan”. The one who saves us and the other who feeds us. Both are our soldiers who don’t care for themselves and struggle for us. But, the farmer is being getting neglected by us. The one who feeds us is committing suicide due to unsuccessful crop and with the fear of repayment of loan or dying due to starvation. To support him and his family you should donate.

The Aftermath

After the suicide of a farmer, the family suffers mentally, economically, and socially. Sometimes, with no option found the family too dies after the farmer due to starvation. With your donation, the family can survive themselves. The children can take proper education, eat properly and live a good life. Your donation will also prove helpful during the pandemic and natural calamities to the needy people around the country.


There are many students who cannot afford education fees and hence they quit education. They either choose to work in early age or end their lives. We believe that education is one of the basic needs of any child and your donation would give them a ray of hope to educate themselves and hopefully help them rise above the situations that life has forced them into.


You can make donations to the following account online!

Name of the Account holder


A/C No.


Bank Name & Branch






You can also send Dd/cheque to the registered office in favour of AEEFWS, payable at HDFC BANK – branch Hoshiarpur, Punjab. After donating please send an e-mail with all the details, so that we can confirm and send you a receipt of the donation.

Support us in Kind

You can donate in kind by contributing the materials that we require to support the children and their families:

  • Educational materials, like books, notebooks, stationary items, storybooks and picture books.
  • Health care materials like medicines, first-aid kits.
  • Computers, printers, projectors.
  • Recreational materials like sports equipments (tennis balls, cricket bats and balls, badminton rackets, etc.)
  • Food items like ration, milk products, eggs, sweets.
  • Clothes, shoes, blankets, bed sheets, mosquito nets, crockery, study tables, chairs, etc.

For further information on how to make your contribution in kind in your area, contact us.
Thank you for your time and contributions!

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