President's Message

A message from Society's President

I am indeed very happy to take up the responsibility as President of this prestigious scientific organization. My first priority will be for dissemination of scientific awareness in the society because agro environmental based research reached to all the community of the society in the country. Agro Environmental Education & Farmers Welfare Society is a unique scientific organization of dedicated scientists, academician, researchers and policy makers which has founded to convey knowledge of several leading institutes of India to the backward areas where quest for science & thirst for knowledge and scientific awareness for society is the real need. The scientific development in recent years has shattered all restrictions, therefore various disciplines of agriculture and environment have also merged together to create several new subjects, areas of research, education and technology. Today, the belief of agriculturist or environmentalist has been shrunken due to lack of research facility and economical support, therefore one need to analyze very carefully the growth of science and technology on one side and the real need of human race for sustainable development. Here the role of Agro Environmental Education & Farmers Welfare Society is to think of betterment of the last man to the society & also to ignite young generation to lead them to run in the forefront of various disciplines of science. Let us pledge to make the mother earth more beautiful and clean by new innovations and technology for sustainable development.  The AEEFWS will meet the expectations of members both from India and abroad, and will be helpful immensely in growth and development of academicians and farmers

D.P.S Badwal

President of AEEFWS. Founder editor of Just Agriculture Magazine and Newsletter.

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