If you wish to be a member of our society, you can find all the information regarding it below.

Overview of Membership

All SRF / Research Associates / Teaching Asst./ Assistant Professors/ Associate Professors/ Professors / SMS / ADO/ AEO/ AO / ADO/ SCO/HDO/ Scientists and other officers can become the member of AEEFWS as per membership policy and guidelines defined by advisory board. Scientists engaged and interested in teaching/research/extension in Agriculture and allied sciences shall be admitted as members after they pay the prescribed fee as per the prevailing rate. They shall be entitled to receive the Magazine/Journal of the Society free of charge from the year from which subscription is paid, will have rights to vote, and hold an office of the Society provided they have been members for a minimum period of two years prior to the year of election. The members seeking admission to the Society are required to apply in the prescribed format.

Types of Membership

Life/Annual Members

Scientists/Persons on Payment To The Value Of 10 Year’s Annual Subscription At The Current Rate Shall Be Enrolled As Life Members. The Life Members Shall Enjoy All The Privileges Of The Members. They Shall Not Be Entitled For Back Issues Of The Journal Of The Society Published Before Enrollment. The Application For The Life Membership Is Also Accepted In The Prescribed Format.

Associated Members

Persons Who Do Not Possess Basic Degree In Agricultural Science Shall Be Enrolled As Associate Members Only On Payment Of Sum Equal To That Charged As Subscription From Members. They Shall Enjoy All The Privileges Of The Members Except The Right To Vote At Meetings/Elections Or To Hold An Office.

Sustaining Members

Institutions or Organisations in India on Payment of Rs.10,000 as Sustaining Members. They will ee Entitled to Receive The Magazine/Journal of The Society Free Of Charge, But will not enjoy Voting Rights or Rights to Hold Office of the Society.

Benefits of Membership

  • Contribute to Society of Agricultural Research and Social Development.
  • Participation in conferences and meetings.
  • Get an opportunity to deliver Invited Guest Lecture for Webinar/Expert Talk/FDP/Workshop or International Confrence/Symposium.
  • A discount of 10% on subscription cost of Magazine/Newsletter/Journals affiliated by AEEFWS.
  • Access to Volunteer Opportunities and Access to membership directory and opportunity to network with Precision Agriculture professionals from around the world.
  • Access to electronic/hardcopy copy of society’s magazine “JUST AGRICULTURE”.
  • Opportunities to publish research and review articles in the society’s magazine.
  • Opportunities to present oral and poster papers at the society sponsored events such as International Conference on JUST AGRICULTURE, Asian Conference on JUST AGRICULTURE, and European Conference on JUST AGRICULTURE, etc.
  • Discount on registration fee to the conferences sponsored by AEEFWS society.
  • Monthly newsletter that will provide information from around the world related to AEEFWS and Just Agriculture research activities and industry updates.
  • Opportunities to nominate and be nominated by other members for the AEEFWS sponsored awards and recognition at the society events.

Note: AEEFWS is a young society. It is expanding across countries and developing with time. If there are additional benefits that you would like to see included among the list of benefits, please send an email to

Membership Fees

➞ Annual Membership (Individual)

India: ₹1499
Student: ₹999
Abroad: $49
Institutional: 3000 per annum and ₹30,000 for 15 years.

# For student membership, copy of valid Student ID card with enrolment no. is mandatory

➞ Life Membership (Individual)

India: ₹4999 for 10 years
Student: ₹3999
Abroad: $199

# Abroad $500 for 15 years
  $200 renewable at the end of 15th year

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